Counter Party Credit Risk

Heinz Riehl is not just someone who serves as an expert financial witness, he is an expert when it comes to everything finance. When you take the background that he has, including his esteemed education, impressive experience, and prominent career, there is no way to not consider him a connoisseur. He has studied it all, seen it all, and worked with it all. From customer suitability to risk management, Heinz knows the world of finance.

Heinz Riehl is a strong candidate for offering financial litigation support. Due to his knowledge of and practice in the field, his commentary is sure to be top-notch.

Concerning even the most complex topics such as counter party credit risk, Heinz is equipped to report on whatever issue you can throw at him.

If you have entered into a contractual obligation with another party who is failing to fulfill their part and are concerned about your risk of financial loss, Heinz Riehl can help you analyze the situation. He offers invaluable counterparty credit risk analyst services drawing from all of his experiences. He is an asset to any case he becomes involved with, which is why he has filled the role of expert witness for financial disputes and legal witness for investment crimes time and time again. Don't hesitate to contact Heinz Riehl if you are caught up in financial trade disputes.