Customer Appropriateness

Customer appropriateness determinations are not always easy to grasp. The same goes for identifying and analyzing customer suitability. In view of this, risk management is a hot topic that shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and as a result, financial trade disputes are a common occurrence.

Securities fraud witnesses can certainly make the difference in a case for someone. Having the right expert financial witness give a testimony is significant, especially when it comes to complex financial aspects such as these.

Counter party credit risk and investment crimes aren’t topics that most people are familiar with, particularly to a higher degree, so it helps to have a specialist offer financial litigation support in regard to the topic.

Heinz Riehl has experience with all of the above, from knowing the aforementioned financial matters like the back of his hand to serving as an expert witness for financial disputes. Given his background and extensive career, he is a true asset to any and all disputes about financial trading & investing. If you could benefit by having a financial currency exchange expert present a testimony in your case, you have come to the right place. Contact Heinz Riehl today.