Customer Suitability

If anyone has what it takes to do an analysis on customer suitability, and even customer appropriateness for that matter, it's Heinz Riehl. He is an expert when it comes to risk management. He therefore knows a great deal on the regulatory requirements of suitability and the risks involved with miss-selling. As a result, he is more than qualified to offer financial litigation support and serve as an expert witness for financial disputes.

When Heinz becomes involved with disputes about financial trading & investing, his characteristics of a professor of finance shine through. His straightforward easy-to-understand testimony is well-received by all parties in the courtroom. It is no surprise that he is an exceptional lecturer,

with the ability to connect to and relate with the audience. Not only does he possess a wealth of knowledge, but he also knows how to convey that knowledge so that anyone understands.

There is no one better to serve as a financial fraud expert witness, or to provide advice on counter party credit risk. With Heinz Riehl's background, experience, and education, it doesn't get much more inclusive. You can count on his competence, rely on his service, and trust Heinz to do your case justice.