Expert Financial Witness

On account of many years of service and the breadth of his experience, Heinz Riehl serves as an expert financial witness, having earned the right to do so. Mainly with regard to financial trading and investing disputes, his areas of expertise include foreign currency exchange, futures and margins in futures, and international trade financing, to name a few. The subjects of which he’s knowledgeable encompass a wide range, and would benefit anyone in need of his service. He works with clients of all kinds, from governments and banks to individuals.

Not only is Heinz Riehl educated and fluent in all the aforementioned and similar topics, but he also has a way with communicating his wisdom. His clear and easily understood presentation is well-received in the courtroom. As a professor of finance, this is no surprise; Heinz Riehl has received an award relating to this capability.

If you are involved in any disputes about financial trading and investing and are searching for an expert witness for financial disputes, look no further. Heinz Riehl is the best of the best, especially when it comes to customer suitability and customer appropriateness. With utmost professionalism, he takes his role seriously and with high regard. Let his background and passion serve you well, by having him as your expert financial witness.