Financial Currency Exchange Expert

Heinz Riehl has established a remarkable career for himself. Included in that career is 36 years at Citibank, in which Heinz was at different times involved with the foreign exchange on all five continents. He has also served as a professor of finance at New York University, in which one of his areas of expertise is foreign currency exchange. Not to mention a member of a foreign exchange committee, author of Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange Money and Derivate Markets, and coauthor of Foreign Exchange & Money Markets, Heinz Riehl is, rightfully so, considered a financial currency exchange expert.

Among many other topics, such as risk management, customer suitability, and disputes about trading & investing, that Heinz Riehl is well-versed in, world finance is one that he has tremendous experience with and vast knowledge of. Not just anyone can take on the role of expert financial witness or offer financial litigation support, but Heinz Riehl can and has successfully done so. The benefits he brings to financial trade disputes are inimitable.

If you are in need of a world finance legal witness, contact Heinz today. If you could use the assistance of an expert on financial currency exchange, you have come to the right place. Heinz Riehl will help you in any way that he can.