Financial Litigation Support

As a professor of finance, the author of Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money, & Derivative Markets¸ co-author of Foreign Exchange & Money Markets, the co-founder of Citibank in Germany, and co-founder of his own risk management training and consulting firm, Heinz Riehl’s credentials are without comparison when it comes to the world of finance. His education and experience surpass those of many in the field, so it is safe to say he is as qualified as they come.

As for financial litigation support, who better to fill that role than Heinz Riehl himself. He has proven that to be true by the number of times he has served as an expert witness for financial disputes. In several courtrooms across the map and involving a wide range of clients, he has delivered successfully his testimony as the world finance legal witness.

The ease and comfort that accompany his lectures in the classroom or corporate meeting room are also present in the courtroom. Heinz Riehl has a unique capability of relaying his wisdom so that any audience comprehends. His straightforward logical way of speaking is well-received by judges, juries, and all parties involved in the financial trade disputes. You won’t want to litigate without Heinz Riehl as your legal witness for investment crimes; the financial litigation support that he has to offer is first-rate.