Financial Trade Disputes

Financial trade disputes occur on a regular basis, whether it involves counter party credit risk or disputes about financial trading and investing. When they go to court, it helps to have some sort of financial litigation support in terms of an expert financial witness. In order to be deemed an expert on the matter at hand, the person has to be highly qualified with strong credentials by virtue of either an educational background or years of valuable experience. Furthermore, his or her knowledge of and familiarity with the subject must extend far beyond that of the average person. You will be hard pressed to find an individual who better matches that description compared to Heinz Riehl.

Heinz Riehl has assisted with several financial trade disputes, concerning various issues. His particular areas of expertise include but are not limited to risk management and determinations of customer suitability and customer appropriateness. The truth is, there isn’t much of the field that Heinz isn’t educated in. As a professor of finance, and having authored two finance-related books, he has covered all the bases. In addition, he has his own training and consulting firm, which thus establishes that he is equipped to a interpret and analyze individual cases of financial disputes.

If you are looking for an expert witness for financial disputes, you have come to the right place. You need Heinz Riehl, the one and only world finance legal witness, who can make a difference in the courtroom.