Legal Witness for Investment Crimes

Who better to fill the role of your legal witness for investment crimes than Heinz Riehl? Heinz has provided litigation support at courts of all levels and across the map. His past clients range from governments and banks to individuals who were involved in disputes about financial trading and investing. He has extensive knowledge on the subjects at hand and puts his expertise to good use.

As a professor of finance, an author of a book about risk management and a co-author of a book showcasing he’s a financial currency exchange expert, in addition to an extended list of various other credentials, there is no denying Heinz Riehl is well-versed in the world of finance. Winning the award, ‘Excellence in Teaching’ from NYU, it is no surprise that students and listeners from around the globe benefit from Heinz’s lectures. He frequently teaches at executive seminars and serves as an instructor to various financial organizations.

From counter party credit risk to customer appropriateness and customer suitability, Heinz Riehl is very familiar, to say the least, with the various aspects of finance and all its associated matters. Having devoted his professional education and career to the subject, he has earned the right to serve as an expert witness for financial disputes, including a legal witness for investment crimes. He is the specialist for the job, so call today.