Professor of Finance

Heinz Riehl has been on the faculty of New York University since 1982, serving as a professor of finance up until 2008. Given all that he has to offer, he continues to be a guest lecturer on risk management related topics and finds time to contribute in various other ways, between serving as expert financial witness for disputes about financial trading & investing and managing his own firm, Riehl World Training & Consulting, Inc.

He devotes so much of his life to his trade, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. In 1996, Heinz Riehl endowed a Professorial Chair at the Stern School of Business of New York University. In 1999, he won NYU’s Stern School’s ‘Excellence in Teaching’ award. He also received an Honorary Doctoral Degree for his Lifetime Achievements from Iona College in New York.

Equally important, Heinz is recognized and commended for his exceptional ability to express and present his knowledge in a way that anyone comprehends. Audiences of all sorts provide the same feedback, that Heinz can relay complex subjects in a clear, straightforward manner. Students, judges, and juries alike appreciate this knack, and welcome his presence. The same goes with those who attend the executive seminars that Heinz teaches at; there is no doubt listeners benefit from Heinz Riehl’s lectures.

Whether he’s offering financial litigation support for financial trade disputes or speaking on the topic of counter party credit risk as a financial currency exchange expert, Heinz Riehl knows what he’s talking about, and knows how to deliver. Contact him today to serve as a world finance legal witness, and rest assured that he will be an asset to your case.