World Finance Legal Witness

Heinz Riehl has practiced and applied his discipline of finance all around the world. From studying in Germany to actively participating in the reform of the Chinese commercial banking industry, not to mention what he has done here in the U.S., Heinz has an established and well-rounded background in the field. On account of his distinguished qualifications, he often serves as a world finance legal witness in disputes about financial trading and investing.

Heinz has successfully testified in several court cases and offers unsurpassed financial litigation support. He even served as an international court expert witness. His vast experience with and profound understanding of risk management enables him to deliver an expert opinion on the matter. What’s more, owing in part to his time as a professor of finance, Heinz Riehl has an effective way of communicating his knowledge so that everyone is able to comprehend.

If you are involved with any financial trade disputes and are in need of an expert financial witness, let Heinz Riehl be of service. You couldn’t ask for a more competent candidate.

He can take on the role of legal witness for investment crimes, financial currency exchange expert, and financial fraud expert witness, to name a few and will provide the highest level of support you could ask for.